Happenings and what not...

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Happenings and what not...

Post  Broadsword Commissar on Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:22 pm

Well folks,

Just wanted to drop a line and give an update on the happenings at the store. First off, i'd like to say so-long and good luck to Justin and Heidi. They are moving to NC where Justin will start his new career. On a similar note, Justin took first place at the RTT with his orks, Jesse came in second, and Declan grabbed third.

The Warhammer Campaign is starting to get interesting with some brutal battles to ensue. Tom and I have to throw down with a good ole Dwarf and Skaven match this week. Billy just lost his HQ to Mike and now has 3 days to recover it. Bekah is on a tear with 3 banners now and each day it looks more and more like Goblins are kin to that lady who had the 8 babies. I formally dub goblins "Australia" in map based campaigns.

I'm going to get a few more BFG events on the calendar so that we can utilize alot of those new models that folks got. By the way everyone...Devon grabbed some Necrons...We're all in trouble.

Nate has started up Starship Troopers and is working on a sizeable bug swarm. He'll get things going here shortly so we can all enjoy his models Razz

Tom's Battletech Merc game is going well. I shot a Zeus in the head...Now we have a new Zeus Twisted Evil
Greg isn't allowed to say anything when Tom rolls dice...Everytime he does, someone gets hurt :p

Warmachine/Hordes keeps getting new players Smile Ed just grabbed the menoth box so, maybe we'll actually see you play at some point? maybe?

We are now DCI sanctioned. If all goes as planned, we should be having our first DCI tournament Friday Smile Come see us. At this time, its going to be a Constructed tourney with a 7$ entrance fee. It all depends on how many folks show up though. We'll have plenty of cards for drafts if not.

For those of you who are comic shoppers, please get us a revised pull-list ASAP. Billy and I are going to extend 20% off to you guys starting the 26th and at the same time, we are going to reduce our shelf inventory. Please get us those lists.

Thanks to all who posted on the congrats thread. I appreciate it and it feels good to be a dad for the third time Smile.

Don't forget to jump on and post battle reports and challenges. We would be glad to hear about how your last soaring victory or crushing defeat went.

anyway, if anyone wants to come up, Billy and I will be at the shop today for clean-up and what not. We also are having movie night at the house. Invites are extended to all our friends.

Lates folks,
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