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February League Gaming Challenge, mk. II

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February League Gaming Challenge, mk. II Empty February League Gaming Challenge, mk. II

Post  Feverdream on Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:48 pm

The vile Thralls of the Blackship Lollipop celebrated two strong victories over the past couple of weeks. A gruesome tide of putrescent undead animations rampaging off their ship in coastal raids stormed over the unsuspecting trollkin and druids, leaving little alive in their wake!

Lich Lord Terminus, leading a small incursion force utilizing the infamous Deathjack along with a Harrower, were surprised by the Trolls who were camping in Southern Ord. Grissel, not yet having received the reinforcements of her Kriel's Champions nonetheless fought valiantly against the menace from the Nightmare Isles. With a small force of scattergunners and powerful beasts, along with the Krielstone scribes, Grissel pushed her forces head on into Terminus' advance, but a millenia in undeath has not taken its toll on Terminus' quick thinking, and the Trolls eventually perished. But not before doing intense damage to Deathjack and the thrall forces. In the end, Terminus struck from the skies at Grissel and defeated her. The trollkin warlock managed to escape, along with her pyg burrowers, living to fight another day. Songs will be sung about this battle, and vengeance upon Terminus will be marked upon the Krielstones. Well, at least Terminus has the bodies to make new thralls, and hey, a nice old Krielstone for the mantlepiece back on the blackship!

Further to the Southeast, Masternecrotech Mortenebra and her sniveling thrall lackey Deryliss, were advancing towards Llael in hopes of plundering tombs and the archives of the Order of the Golden Crucible. While traveling through the Thornwoods, Mortenebra stumbled upon an unprepared force of Circle Druids, led by Baldur Stonecleaver. Assisted by the powerful Cankerworm, Defilers, and Bile Thralls, the living warriors of the Tharn were taken down. Curiously, the Deathjack assisted in the battle, making short work of just about everything else in Baldur's meager force, though a lone Farrow Bone Grinder, convinced to work for the Circle Cause, had managed to avenge his fallen comrades and destroyed the Pistol Wraith responsible for downing his brothers-in-arms. But that victory would be short-lived, thanks to a Defiler waiting in the wings. Mortenebra, way out of her element, did spend some time running away from the powerful Baldur, but when Baldur showed the slightest weakness, the spider-like undead Warcaster charged him and defeated him with a few slashes of her mechanikal arms. But the master of elemental nature would slip from Mortenebra's grasp, disappearing amongst the trees in the forest he was in tune with, vanishing to a safe haven in the wilds to nurse his wounds and rebuild his strike force...

Now, who will put an end to Cryx's victories on the mainland? Who will challenge the growing threat from the Nightmare Isles?!?

* * *

But then, it seems Evil is not content to rest. From the east, a new thread arises in the form of the highly disciplined warriors of the Skorne Empire. Immoren is feeling the grip of evil wrapping around it... is there any hope?


Looking to play this Friday and Saturday. 500 or 750. I'm not even going to bother with 350, unless that's all a player truly has. So, who wants to play, when, and how big a force? Smile

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