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Guardians Warhammer Club 40K Tournament - March 21

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Guardians Warhammer Club 40K Tournament - March 21 Empty Guardians Warhammer Club 40K Tournament - March 21

Post  emip on Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:34 am

The Guardians Warhammer Gaming Club will be holding their first 2009 tournament this Saturday, March 21st at WarDogs Game Center.

This event is open to members only, but new members will be accepted on the day of the event. Membership to the Guardians is free with no club dues.

Warhammer 40K Tournament Event

Where: War Dogs Game Center, Jacksonville, Florida (ph. 399-1975)
When: Saturday, March 21, 2009 @ 10:00 a.m.
Fee: $5.00 entry fee

09:00 - 09:55 -- Meet and Greet, Set-up
10:00 - 12:00 -- Round 1
12:30 - 01:15 -- Lunch
01:30 - 03:30 -- Round 2
04:00 - 06:00 -- Round 3
06:30 - 07:00 -- Awards & Prize Selections

Finger food breakfast stuff will be available. Lunch is BBQ by Treemendous BBQ which consist of Tennessee style Beef Brisquet, pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, and maccaroni and cheese. Other snacks will be available throughout the event. All drinks provided by WarDogs at your own expense.

This Guardians event is a Warhammer 40K tournament using all the current rules and codexes. All forces will be created using these rule books.

Army Size: 1,850 points
No. of Rounds: 3 rounds
Time Limit: 2 hour time limit per round

Each round of battle will be scored using the following point breakdowns:

.....Battle Points: 3 to 20 points
.....Sportsmanship: 2 to 8 points
.....Modelling: 1 to 4 points

In addition, 4 bonus points will be available as fluff 40K trivia questions in the form of four multiples choice questions. The overall total score will range from 3 to 100 points.

Available on the day of the tournament.

The Guardian with the highest score total will be crowned Club Champion. Club officers will be allowed to participate but not eligible for the Club Champion title. In addition, prizes will be available for everyone. The overall score will determine who selects first among the pile of goodies, from highest (the club champion) to the member with the lowest score.

In case of a tie for Club Champion, highest Sportsmanship score will break the tie. If still tied, then highest Battle Points. If both members are still tied then a d6 roll-off (2 out of 3) will take place.

(Judged on the day of the event)

Rate your opponent by circling the value that best reflects the description in each category from a value of 1 to 4. The higher the value the closer your opponent matches the description. Lower scores indicates the player needs improvement in one or more areas.

Sportsmanship - Part I _____4......3......2......1
My opponent is fun to play against. He has taught me something new about the game and showed patience when questions were asked. We resolved game problems easily and without slowing the game down. The few times I forgot to use an ability/rule or to make a move or a die roll, my opponent allowed me to do so out of turn. My opponent truly enjoyed himself whether on the winning or loosing end of the game.

Sportsmanship - Part II _____4......3......2......1
My opponent is a fair and honest player. Nothing in his army list was questionable. If so, it was an honest mistake and fairly corrected. On his turn he clearly announced all his actions and made sure I witnessed his die rolls. He finished his turn within a reasonable amount of time and his accuracy with the measuring tape is impeccable.

Modelling _____4......3......2......1
My opponent fielded a completely painted army! He showed great creativity in choice of models and color schemes. The painting quality is uniform throughout and of high marks. Each model and unit was clearly represented and showed the right weapon/equipment.The miniature bases in each model of his army match the overall look of the army and special attention was taken on detailing Special Characters.

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