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June Warhammer Events

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June Warhammer Events Empty June Warhammer Events

Post  emip on Wed May 27, 2009 9:34 am

Brought to you by the Guardians Warhammer Gaming Club of Jacksonville.

June Warhammer Events
05/30 ... 40K RTT at Sci-fi City, Orlando
06/06 ... Warhammer Fantasy Tournament at Sun Coast Comics, 2250 pts.
06/12 ... Guardians Club Meeting at Sun Coast Comics (7-8 p.m.)
06/13 ... 40K Tournament at Broadswords Comics & Games
06/13 ... Warhammer Fantasy Tourney at Sci-fi City, Orlando
06/20 ... 40K Tournament at Rapier Game Convention, Jax Airport, 2000 pts.
06/20 ... Warhammer Fantasy RTT at War Dogs Game Center, 2250 pts.
06/20 ... Warhammer Fantasy tourney at Broadswords Comics & Games
06/21 ... Warhammer Fantasy tourney at Rapier Game Convention, Jax Airport, 2250 pts.

Warhammer Campaigns
• 40K Campaign at Sun Coast Comics (Moderator: Kieran)
• Mordheim Campaign at Sun Coast Comics (Moderator: Dennis)
• Warhammer Fantasy Campaign at WarDogs (Moderator: Jimmy)
• Mordheim Campaign at WarDogs (Moderator: Cannan)

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