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Guardians Club News 072309

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Guardians Club News 072309 Empty Guardians Club News 072309

Post  emip on Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:33 am

This summer is a hot one. Not only the weather but Warhammer gaming events. With Ancient City Con behind us, we now move on to the Necronomicon this weekend (7/24 to 7/25) and the 'Ard Boyz Semi-finals on August 8th. Both of which will be attended by Guardians. Below is the list of members attending these two competitive events. Wish them luck!

The Necronomicon

Warhammer Fantasy
• David Drake
• Emil G. Palisoc
• Jason Mitchell
• Kieran Mulkearns
• Joe Caso

Warhammer 40K
• Gabe Dobkin
• Joey Caso
• Joseph Sledge III

'Ard Boyz Semi-finals

• Emil G. Palisoc
• Gabe Dobkin
• Hector DeJesus
• Joseph Sledge III

If I missed anyone, my apologise. Reply on the club forum under this topic with your name and what event you are attending so that you will be recognized. I will be submitting a post-event report for both tournaments on results and overall experience.


The date for the next Club Champion tournament is looking like Saturday, October 10th. If you missed the first one held at WarDogs Game Center, we had catered breakfast and BBQ lunch, fourteen members participating, GW prizes for all, and Gabe Dobkin winning the title.

As we traditionally rotate our venue, this next club tournament will be held at Sun Coast Comics and the game of choice will be Warhammer 40K again. The details on army points and what food will be provided is still in the planning stage. I am initially thinking low points (1300 to 1700) since we have a lot of new members to the game, and catered Mexican food.

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