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New tournament time

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New tournament time Empty New tournament time

Post  skyzanon on Fri Jul 24, 2009 11:41 am

I talked with Randy earlier in the week and he was talking not only about the possibility of a new store front and name, but also about making Warmachine/Hordes tournaments on the second week of each month instead of the third. I am unsure when that might start up, so I am going to talk to him if it will be next month or sometime later then that. I will be keeping track of best placed for both Warmachine and Hordes for each tournament until I get the mail in champion card forums so that everyone who needs one will get one. Never gets old to have gold bordered cards that say champion on them and since these will be offical trounaments from now on, I can hand out one for the top Warmachine player and the top Hordes player. I am also going to set up a day every other week for demos for anyone that wants one and once I get the day set I will be up at the shop for around 3 hours or so just for demos.

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