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News about MKII

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News about MKII Empty News about MKII

Post  skyzanon on Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:48 pm

I figured that I would let people know how everthing should work with the new edition. First off when the Prime MKII comes out all the faction decks will be out around the same time, Hordes will have their cards online for testing and for playing until Primal MKII comes out six months later. Each faction will be getting its own book that will have new models in it and the order of the books has already been decided by the summer rampage resluts. In this order:

* Cygnar
* Khador
* Protectorate of Menoth
* Cryx
* Mercenaries

* Skorne
* Trollbloods
* Legion of Everblight
* Circle Orboros

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