Paging Frodo! Or Dwight. Or anyone!

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Paging Frodo!  Or Dwight.  Or anyone! Empty Paging Frodo! Or Dwight. Or anyone!

Post  Shelix on Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:54 pm

Hey guys!

This is Justin - long time no...see. I talked to Randy a week or two ago and understand he's headed to Afghanistan for a while. *sniffle* My play-style has significantly changed since I moved to North Carolina, and I've improved in a lot of ways. I've perfected mechanized orks and across the meta-game am widely considered the guru for how to run them. In fact, I won pretty much everything I ever played them in, so I retired them and have started Dark Eldar.

The competition up here isn't overwhelming, and I find myself craving challenges. Its nice to get free stuff (which is why I play in the tournaments up here) but I crave a challenge and to better myself. I was hoping to schedule a weekend or something where I could link up with a couple of folks for some back-to-back gaming. I know the boards are pretty dead here, so please reach out to me at justin[dot]hilderbrandt[at]gmail[dot]com.


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