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Post  Broadsword Commissar on Sun Apr 12, 2009 10:22 pm

Alright folks,

for all you Army building geniuses out there, here is your chance to drop your nightmare of an army list for everyone to cringe and cry out "MERCY!!!".

Give general tactical information on it and how it holds up in the Basic Scenarios from the G.W. Rule book.

We're all ears (no jokes monkeys),
Broadsword Commissar
Broadsword Commissar

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Post  mdigibou on Mon Apr 13, 2009 1:31 pm

2x winged daemon prince of slaaneesh with lash of submission.
3x 10 chaos marines w/ lascannon
2x 10 chaos marines w/ plasma cannon
3x3 obliterators
1835 pts
Wins by tabling you. Pulls your units into cover, pushes jump infantry or fast moving units away, and clusters them up. Obliterators demolish the rest. You could easily substitute 2 marine squads for a nice sized terminator squad w/ combi weapons.
Winged daemon princes are good fun in CC too. Dawn of war is its weakest mission, and its where you could substitute a unit of oblits for a defiler/vindicator to shore up its weakesses. A vindie also adds the ability to deal with nob bikers very easily.

Archon -> Agonizer (Extra cc wep) + Tormentor helm + Shadow Field + Combat drugs
Incubi x 7 w/ Raider
Archon -> Agonizer (Extra cc wep) + Tormentor helm + Combat drugs
Incubi x 7 w/ raider
Warriors x 10 -> 1x dark lance / Raider
Warriors x 10 -> 1x dark lance / Raider
Warriors x 10 -> 2x dark lances
Warriors x 10 -> 2x dark lances
Warriors x 10 -> 2x dark lances
Warriors x 10 -> 2x dark lances
Scourages x 10 -> 4x splinter cannons
Ravager -> 2x disintegrator
Ravager -> 2x disintegrator
A little under 1850

On most missions where you think you are going first is to deploy everything on the table as far forward as you can, putting your good stuff in range. Scourages either remain in reserve to dakka on a crucial turn or stay on board w/ effective 36" range.
If youre going second, and the enemy has viable anti-tank, you keep all the tanks in reserve, and the turn they come on you turbo boost them 24" to where you need them to be, next turn WILL be an assault.

Dawn of war is its best mission. First turn assault almost every time unless the enemy plays to keep their units off the table, in which case they give you control of the map, and you can outmanouver most opponents. Going second is preferable here, as with the nightfight, keeping your one HQ raider back farther is key as surviving the first turn is all DE needs to really do.

This list has enough bodies to hold almost any objective mission, as with the key targets being somewhat difficult to kill it takes pressure off your troops.


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Post  Broadsword Commissar on Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:54 am

Archon w/agoniser & CC weapon, Tormentor Helm, Combat Drugs, Shadow Field
Incubi retinue & Raider

Wych Dracite w/agoniser & CC weapon, Combat Drugs, Hell Mask
Attached to Wyches

1 X Wych Squad W/ Succubus/Agoniser & CC Weapon, Wych Weapons, Haywire and Plasma Grenades, Raider

Warp Beast Squad W/ Beast Master/Agoniser & CC Weapon


2 X Raider squad with Sybarite/Webway Portal, Splinter Cannon, Raider W/ Destructors

2 X Warrior squad with Sybarite/Webay Portal, 2 Dark Lances

2 X Warrior Squad with Sybarite, 2 Splinter Cannons

2 Talos

Ravager w/ Destructor and 2 Dark Lances

On Games where you will be moving first, you place the raiders forward moving them 12" and disembark troops in cover or simply behind the raider as it takes potshots at armor. Position them where as few models as possible can fire on them but where the units coming out of the webway will have optimal assault paths. Place the Talos, HQ, Wyches, and Splinter Cannon Warrior Squads in the Webway. The Two Dark Lance Squads should be placed to snipe vehicles and heavy infantry as they act as a backup webway conduit. Ravager takes this oppurtunity to take out the Heaviest vehicles or template vehicles. Mandrakes do their thing in preparation to spring forth to annoy everyone. Turn two, open all webway portals. By the beginning of turn 3 you should have the majority of your army available and ready to assault fresh.

On Games where you will go second, it is much the same tactic. Hide the raiders well and on your turn turbo boost them across the table into webway positions.

In Dawn of war...Emperor Help your Opponent.
Broadsword Commissar
Broadsword Commissar

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Post  Dashofpepper on Wed Apr 22, 2009 7:32 pm

Orks: I've found two vicious combinations that seem to work well:

List 1:
Ghazhkull + 10 uniquely equipped nobs in a trukk
Battlewagon with a Deff-Rolla, filled with Mad Dok Grotsnik + 19 'Ard Boyz
4-5 more trukks full of boyz, all with a nob and PK
Snikrot + Kommandos

Tactics: Having a 27" assault range on turn 2+ pretty much means that the Orks will always get their assault. Mad Dok's unit is great for dealing with enemies that can dish out a lot of wounds, and the rest of the boyz can eat units, or be sacrificed to kill HQs, monstrous creatures, and to surround and destroy a transport. Things that are *really* threatening (Lightning claw terminators and such) get Ghazghkull alone with his 7 attacks and 2+ invul save, while the nobs go take powerklaws and big choppas into another unit for a turn. If setup and terrain are such that the Orks are going to lose mobility or cover, I'll keep the entire army in reserve and bring it out on turn 2. Thus far, my rolls are pretty good. Smile

List 2:
2x Big Meks with Shokk Attack Guns
2x Battlewagons armed to the teeth
2x squads of 15 Lootas.
As many shoota boyz as fit into the rest of the list (sometimes with some gretchin)

Tactics: not much to be said here, but there is so much firepower being delivered at 48" that everything melts.


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Post  AznPersuasion on Fri Apr 24, 2009 7:29 am

Marneus Calgar
Hounour Gaurd x10 with a banner
Drop Pod

Scout x10 Powerfist Combi Flamer
Scout x10 Powerfist Melta bomb, melta bomb
Scout x10 Snipers Heavy Bolter
Tactical x10 Plasma Gun Plasma Cannon
Tactical x10 Plasma Gun Plasma Cannon

Assault Bike x3 3 Mulitmeltas
Assault Bike x3

Heavy Devastator x10 4 Missle Launchers

The Sniper Scout two tactical squads and devastors are all apart of my gunline. They will stand and support my infantry that will be across the board.
The Two Scout Squads will try to get a first turn or second turn assault on weak infantry units or vehichles. The hounour gaurd with marneus will drop down and support my scouts for the second turn by tying up more infantry squads. My assault bikes are fire support the heavy bolter bikes will target the infantry from long range while the mult-melta bikes will turbo-boost 1st turn to get enemy tanks or target monstrous creatures.

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