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NQ 23 Warmarchine Changes Announced for MkII

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NQ 23 Warmarchine Changes Announced for MkII Empty NQ 23 Warmarchine Changes Announced for MkII

Post  DoktorM on Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:08 am

This is from PP Forum and notes some interesting but serious changes. Evil or Very Mad OR cheers ?

MK2 info

Out of turn Movement and attacks have been limited.

Based on size of game Warcasters and Warlocks will be included for free.
Warcasters come with a variable no of warjack points.

Rough terrain no longer prevents charges.

Cards redesigned

Warjack Shields and Open fists increased in POW
All Factions have mechanics.
Warjack points costs changed to be more proportionate compared with units.

Unit members are in formation if the are within the unit leaders command range.
Most unit leaders have the same stats as thier troopers.
All units behave in a manner similar to Field Promotion

Reaper gains Reach
Necrotech gains Repair
Bane Knights loose Shadowshift for Vengance [Which is used on some non Cryx Models] which triggers in control phase.

Karchev gets retooled to become more killy.
Winterguard squads can have three Rocketeers each.
Doom Reavers become cheaper.

Charger gains Powerful Attack
Defender Heavy Barrel increases POW.
Stormblades and Stormguard are immune to Electricity due to the new damage typing system.

Knights Exemplar become a 10 man unit, but don't jump to conclusions
Severous has Convert as an ability rather than a spell.
Flails gain Chain Weapon.

Release Schedule

April Field Test is not a playtest. Its looking for Typos and rules confusion and other final polish.

Jan 2010 Warmachine II and card Decks. Warmachine 2 has a new Warjack for each faction in it.

Followed by 5 Faction books, The Four familiar faces plus Mercenaries, Mercs includes seperate sections for Privateers and Rhul. Each has new models/units and a new warcaster.

Faction book order determined by Summer Rampage 2009. [Which I guess means Mercs last.]

Then Hordes II

No mention of Retribution anywhere.

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